A friendly, clean and professional studio located at 1576 South State Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are open Tuesday to Saturday, 12pm - 8pm.

Owner and artist, Steve Tippetts, has been at the helm of this creative collective since 2006.

Whether bright & bold traditional, photo-realism or anything in between, we have 10 passionate artists ready to make your idea a reality.

To schedule a consultation with Laz Barath please call Anchor Tattoo
at (801) 349-2819 or (801) 466-8002

Tuesday – Saturday 12pm-8pm

Please contact via Instagram or Email for booking.

Please contact via Instagram for booking.

Please contact via Instagram or Email for booking.

Please contact via Instagram or Email for booking.

Hours of operation: Tuesday – Saturday 12pm – 8pm

Drop us a line on social media, give us a call or just come on down and see us.

We all have questions. Why is the sky blue?.. Is Elvis really dead or is he just living on a private island with Tupac?.. Where do babies come from? Well, we cannot answer those for you. But we can answer questions related to your tattoos.

How much does a tattoo cost?

How much does a bag of groceries cost? That all depends on the contents. Although our shop minimum is $80, that in no way dictates how much your tattoo will be. We need to discuss a few factors, in person, to determine a final price quote. Size, placement and design are the three main factors you will discuss with your artist before you get an accurate price quote.

Can I get a price quote over the phone?

No, bad kitty! As stated above, price quotes can be discussed in person. If you call us to ask about pricing we will ask you to come in and see us. Coming to see us helps build the client, tattooer relationship. We do not bite and we want to give you an accurate price quote.

How much does a sleeve cost?

Larger pieces will, most likely, be subject to an hourly rate rather than a bulk cost. Our hourly rate starts at $100/hr and varies by artist for larger pieces.

Can I get this tattoo I saw on pinterest?

Don’t make me get the spray bottle again. We understand the picture you found online is beautiful, but we are not going to do someone else’s work on you. Lets take your ideas and create something that is special to you.

How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

18. No discussion.

But my parents will come with me.

18. No discussion.

Do you do piercings?

No, we do some pretty great tattoos though.

When is it NOT a good idea to get tattooed?

When any of the following apply to you:

  • Drunk
  • High
  • Pregnant
  • Sunburned
  • Pre or Post-surgery
  • Sick
  • Cannot afford it
  • Do not have ID

What forms of payment do you take?

Cash is king, but some of our artists take venmo or square. Discuss this with your artist before your appointment.